3 Crows Art Store

Featuring the art of French Creek West Virginia, artist, Robert G. (Bob) Smith.  

The prints offered here are from the original paintings by the artist.  

Honoring my dad's talents

The purpose of this store is to honor the artistic talents of my dad, Bob Smith by sharing prints of his art with others.  The paintings offered here are hanging in my home.  High quality prints have been made from the original paintings on canvas or watercolor paper.  The prints can be matted and framed or wrapped and framed.

I hope you will see a print that touches your heart and decide to purchase it to enjoy and treasure in your home for years to come.  This is the first time any of these paintings have been offered for purchase. 

I love your dad's paintings and I want them all!  I hope others will feel the same way!  S. Talbott

This is great !! It brought tears to my eyes to see my home and the little village I grew up in.  J. Jacobson

Ok, thank you Dan, looking forward to those beautiful prints. I did get to meet your dad when we first moved up here. Always wanted one of those paintings or prints. Thanks again. Randy Bailey

Thank you for visiting 3 Crows Art's store!

Bob Smith


                                                         We appreciate your business

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